A Little Bit About Me

Hello / Cześć / Hola – Welcome to my About page!

So, a little bit of background-I am originally from Poland, moved to England when I was very little and now I’m a Sixth Form student with a science interest, looking to read Medicine at University.

At the moment, I am in my first year of A Levels and I take Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Spanish. Whenever I name those subjects, people have told me that I don’t name them in alphabetical order and put a little bit of emphasis on Chemistry (Chem-istry) and I suppose this gives a hint at my favourite subject (no prizes for guessing which one!). I have been known to go wide-eyed and jump a little on the sofa when I talk about Chem and I suppose my love for it started on the Open Day of the high school that I’m now at. It was just a simple experiment about a solution changing colour as you add different things but I was fascinated and my fascination hasn’t stopped as I’ve moved through GCSE and now AS Level. Biology and Maths are pretty standard Science-y subjects and I enjoy them both. Spanish is a little bit more unusual and I didn’t expect to take it until I talked myself into it- although now I am very grateful because I thoroughly enjoyed my year. I think because I have already had to learn a language from scratch (I knew zero English when I first came and I didn’t understand anything at all) it was interesting to find pattern repeating with Spanish especially because at A Level I think you begin to actually learn and speak the language rather than just learn the countries and colours and other basics. Going to Barcelona for a few days really helped me to reinforce what I learned in the classroom, and although I doubt my skills were as good as I would’ve liked, I did try my best to make an effort to constantly communicate in Spanish. Understanding words or phrases felt like an achievement (even with hand wavy actions), although I failed to understand that the lift was broken in the hotel, meaning we had to resort to English!

However, that’s just the academics and we all know there’s more than just school! I enjoy team sports as I played in my school’s Hockey, Netball and Rounders teams for a number of years, however now badminton is my go-to sport. I love reading-anything from summer romances to more academic stuff, and my favourite fiction books include ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and ‘The Book Thief’. I have also played the clarinet for around 8 years and I continue to play in the school orchestra despite having stopped taking grades, although I have just undertaken the Grade 1 challenge and am teaching myself the flute. More recently I am volunteering at a retirement home which is a fantastic way to get to know people-something which I love to do.

Overall, I have met some amazing people and have had some amazing experiences and am grateful for it all.