A Little Bit About Me

Hello / Cześć / Hola – Welcome to my About page!

So, a little bit of background-I am originally from Poland, moved to England when I was very little and now I’m a Sixth Form student with a science interest, looking to read Medicine at University.

At the moment, I am in my first year of A Levels and I take Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Spanish. Whenever I name those subjects, people have told me that I don’t name them in alphabetical order and put a little bit of emphasis on Chemistry (Chem-istry) and I suppose this gives a hint at my favourite subject (no prizes for guessing which one!). I have been known to go wide-eyed and jump a little on the sofa when I talk about Chem and I suppose my love for it started on the Open Day of the high school that I’m now at. It was just a simple experiment about a solution changing colour as you add different things but I was fascinated and my fascination hasn’t stopped as I’ve moved through GCSE and now AS Level. Biology and Maths are pretty standard Science-y subjects and I enjoy them both. Spanish is a little bit more unusual and I didn’t expect to take it until I talked myself into it- although now I am very grateful because I thoroughly enjoyed my year. I think because I have already had to learn a language from scratch (I knew zero English when I first came and I didn’t understand anything at all) it was interesting to find pattern repeating with Spanish especially because at A Level I think you begin to actually learn and speak the language rather than just learn the countries and colours and other basics. For me I felt ‘the click’ when I went to Barcelona and tired really hard to communicate in Spanish, although I do not want to get ahead of myself-I’m still just a beginner!

However, that’s just the academics and we all know there’s more than just school! I enjoy team sports as I played in my school’s Hockey, Netball and Rounders teams for a number of years, however now badminton is my go-to sport. I love reading-anything from summer romances to more academic stuff, and my favourite fiction books include ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and ‘The Book Thief’. I have also played the clarinet for around 8 years and I continue to play in the school orchestra despite having stopped taking grades, although I have just undertaken the Grade 1 challenge and am teaching myself the flute. More recently I am volunteering at a retirement home which is a fantastic way to get to know people-something which I love to do.

Overall, I have met some amazing people and have had some amazing experiences and am grateful for it all.